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The ATK Learn to Play Lacrosse (L2P) is a low cost, non-committal, introductory program designed to expose young boys and girls to the wonderful sport of lacrosse and it’s rich American history.  In partnership with Meridian Parks and Recreation, this program has introduced the sport to over 250 kids in the last year and continues to grow.
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Program Director, Coach Tom Welsh, is a Cerified Level III US Lacrosse Coach and L2P Instructor.
Coach Tom has helped thousands of Idaho athletes in lacrosse, hockey and basketball over the last 10 years. He is passionate about the game of lacrosse and loves teaching the game to the newer players. He believes that getting sticks in kids hands at an early age will help build their love and passion as well.

No additional equipment is required to participate.

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Register for the Learn To Love Lacrosse Program through the Meridian Parks and Recreation department HERE.

U7 Learn To Love Lacrosse Video

U9-U11 Learn To Play Lacrosse Video    


The sport of lacrosse has grown exponentially in the United States over the last 10 years. The most recent participation survey indicates that lacrosse has more than doubled in size, to 725,000 youth and HS players since 2006.  The US Lacrosse L2P program is a comprehensive learn to play lacrosse initiative that is directed towards new players and parents that are new to the sport as well. The US Lacrosse Coaches Education Department understands the challenge emerging lacrosse markets face regarding the lack of quality coaches and have developed this program with that in mind. The ATK L2P program is a proactive step towards educating and recruiting parents and young adults to be coaches. It is our belief, when introduced to lacrosse the proper way, these recruits will embrace the sport and join the coaching ranks. We firmly believe that a successful program begins and ends with quality coaches and we want to do everything possible to engage as many people as we can to get involved