About The Kids (ATK) is a grass roots Youth Lacrosse Association dedicated to the education of young men and women on the values of goal setting, commitment, teamwork and positive lifestyle choices through athletic achievement.  Established in 2014 as a Non-Profit Corporation, we offer a variety of low or no cost programs in West Ada and Canyon Counties.  ATK is the umbrella organization of Learn To Play (L2P), The Young Ladies Lacrosse Club, West Ada Lacrosse League and Camps (WALL Ball) and the Students That Accept Responsibility (S.T.A.R.) programs.


Coach and Boy




Learn To Play (L2P) is offered in partnership with Meridian Parks and Recreation. 

ATK is a “Kid First” organization, structured and activated by COACHES.  Our volunteer Coaches are US Lacrosse trained and certified.  They are experienced coaches, in fact many of us also play in our WALL Ball Men’s program.  We run our programs out of the Idaho Indoor Soccer Center (ISC) in Meridian.  Indoor lacrosse, played primarily by Canadians and Native Americans, is a great way to play, learn and watch the game.  The non-stop action and the speed of the game helps kids develop the their speed, quickness and stick skills in a warm, safe and dry environment.  Kids in our program love playing indoors because it is FUN and that is what we focus on.

We hope you find our website informative and if you like the programs that we offer, we hope to see you at our facility.